M. Hoshino, H. Kato, C. Makochekanwa,, S.J. Buckma, M. J. Brunge, H. Cho, M. Kimura, D. Kato, I. Murakami, T. Kato, and H. Tanaka


Elastic Differential Cross Sections for Electron Collisions with Polyatomic Molecules

Date of publication:

Jan. 2008

Key words:

electron-molecule collision, differential cross section, polyatomic molecule, elastic scattering, excitation process, resonant electron scattering


Experimental data for electron-polyatomic molecule collisions are reviewed in connection with fusion and processing plasmas, as well as with the associated environmental issues. The electron scattering experiments for differential cross section (DCS) measurements for various processes, such as elastic scattering, have been performed across a broad range of energies (1-100 eV), mainly, at Sophia University since 1978, and some done under the collaborations with the Australian National University, Flinders University, and the Chungnam National University. As a benchmark cross section, elastic DCS are essential for the absolute scale conversion of inelastic DCS, as well as for testing computational methods. The need for cross-section data for a wide variety of molecular 2 species is also discussed, because there is an urgent need to develop an international program to provide the scientific and technological communities with authoritative cross sections for electron-molecule interactions. Note that the detailed comparison with other data available is not given here. Ruther, other available data can be found in the references we cite. This course of action was adopted to keep this report to a sensible length, so that only our numerical data is provided here.

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