T. Ono, T. Kenmotsu, T. Muramoto, T. Kawamura


Calculation of Deuterium Retention in, Re-emission and Reflection from a Tungsten Material under D+ Ions Irradiation with ACAT=DIFFUSE

Date of publication:

Aug. 2008

Key words:

retention, re-emission, deuterium, diffusion, modeling, Monte Carlo, tungsten


We calculated, with a dynamic Monte Carlo code ACAT-DIFFUSE, fluxes of thermal D2 re-emission, reflection and self-sputtering from a wrought tungsten material during a time sequence of l00 eV D+ implantation, post-implanted isothermal out-gassing and thermal desorption spectroscopy. The obtained result agreed well with an existing experiment, where diffusion was considered in the calculations from the beginning of implantation. The three fluxes in the implantation period were shown to be almost comparable. The integrated deuterium flux released in the same period was estimated. The depth profiles of deuterium retained at 300 K in that period indicate that, while their maximum locations did not move, the profiles were broadened out because of fast diffusion. The amount of deuterium retained at 300 K was one order of magnitude higher than that at 473 K.

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