H. Kato, H. Kawahara, M. Hoshino, M.C. Garcia, S.J. Buckman, M.J. Brunger, L. Campbell, H. Cho, Y.-K. Kim, J.-S. Yoon, M.-Y. Song, D. Kato, I. Murakami, T. Kato and H. Tanaka


Cross Sections and Oscillator Strengths for Electron-impact Excitation of Electronic States in Polyatomic Molecules -Application Examples of the BEf- scaling model in Optically-allowed Transitions-

Date of publication:

Dec. 14, 2009

Key words:

electron scattering, electronic-state excitation, BEf-scaling, cross sections


Integral cross sections for optically allowed electronic-state excitations by electron impact, are reviewed for polyatomic molecules by applying the Binary-Encounter-Bethe (BEB) scaling model. Following the context of the present review, the scaling model originally proposed by Yong-Ki Kim to determine electron-impact cross sections for ionization of atoms and molecules is also summarized briefly for its wide range of applications [Electron-Impact Cross Section Database, NIST, Y.-K. Kim][1]. The present report not only focuses on the need for the cross-section data, but also elucidates the verification of the scaling model in the general application for atoms and molecules. Since this report is for a data base, it is summarized for data base users by citing (copying) the descriptions in the original papers and the references within those papers in the style of a textbook.


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