K.M. Aggarwal, T. Kato, F.P. Keenan and I. Murakami


Energy Levels, Radiative Rates and Electron Impact Excitation Rates for Transitions in He-like C V

Date of publication:

July 1, 2010

Key words:

He-like carbon, energy levels, radiative transition rates, oscillator strengths, line strengths, life strengths, lifetimes, electron impact collision strengths, excitation rates


In this paper we report calculations for energy leveles radiative rates, and electron impact excitation rates for transitions in He-like C V. The GRASP (general-purpose relativistic atomic structure package) is adopted for calculating energy levels and radiative rates, and for determining the collision strengths and subsequently the excitation rates thhe Dirac atomic R-matrix code (DARC) is used. Oscillator strengths, radiative rates, and line strength are reported for all E1, E2, M1, and M2 transitions among the lowest 49 levels of CV. Collision strengths have been averaged over a Maxwellian velocity distributionand the effective collision strengths so obtained are reported over a wide temperature range below 106K. Additionally, lifetimes are also reported for all calculated levels.


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