(Edit.) Ishino, S.


"Design of Intense Neutron Source for Fusion Material Study and the Role of Universities"

Date of publication:

Jan. 1993

Key words:

fusion materials, 14MeV neutron source, neutron irradiation, IFMIF, ESNIT, RTNS, Fusion nuclear technology machine, nuclear data, role of universities, role of NIFS


Need and requirement for the intense neutron source for fusion materials study have been discussed for many years. Recently, international climate has been becoming gradually maturing to consider this problem more seriously because of the recognition of crucial importance of solving materials problems for fusion energy development. The present symposium was designed to discuss the problems associated with the intense neutron source for material irradiation studies which will have a potential for the National Institute for Fusion Science to become one of the important future research areas. The symposium comprises five sessions; first, the role of materials research in fusion development strategies was discussed followed by a brief summary of current IFMIF( International Fusion Materials lrradiation Facility) activity. Despite the pressing need for intense fusion neutron source, currently available neutron sources are reactor or acclerator based sources of which FFTF and LASREF were discussed. Then, various concepts of intense neutron souce candidates were presented including ESNIT, which are currently under design by JAERI. In the fourth session, discussions were made on the study of materials with the intense neutron source from the viewpoint of materials scientists and engineers as the user of the facility. This is followed by discussions on the role of universities from the two stand points, namely, fusion irradiation studies and fusion materials development. Finally summary discussions were made by the participants, indicating important role fundamental studies in universities for the full utilization of irradiation data and the need of pure 14 MeV neutron source for fundamental studies together with the intense surrogate neutron sources.

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