Ed. T. Kato


Atomic Physics and Radiation Processes in Plasmas
- Issues of Divertor and Disruption -

Date of publication:

Aug. 1993

Key words:

atomic processes, radiation, divertor plasmas, disruption plasmas, high density plasmas


It is pointed out thtat atomic and molecular (A/M) processes play important roles in divertor plasmas but the problems related to these processes are not yet studied quantitatively. Recently new subjects related to A/M processes such as plasma - vapor interaction during plasma disruption are presented. In order to profit the opportunity that Professor D. Salzmann (Soreq Nuclear Research Center, Israel) visited NIFS with Dr. H. Takabe (ILE, Osaka Univ.), a small meeting on "Atomic physics and radiation processes in divertor and/or disruption plasmas" was held on May 21, 1993 as a part of a Working Group for Atomic Processes in Plasma which is one of the activities at the Data and Planning Center in National Institute for Fusion Science. Prof. K. Itoh (NIFS) gave a review talk for the present status on A/M phyics in Magnetic Fusion Research. Prof. D. Salzmann presented similarity in physical phenomena in laser produced plasmas and disruption plasmas. Dr. H. Takabe explained a structure of hydro-radiation codes used for laser produced plasmas. This is a brief summary of our discussions. Our recent results of the calculations for the line emissions of carbon atoms in edge plasmas are also included.

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