A. Iiyoshi, M. Fujiwara, M. Okamoto. N. Ohyabu, O. Kaneko, M.Sasao, S.Sudo, R. Kanno, T. Mutoh, S. Murakami, Y. Takeiri, Y. Tomita, K. Yamazaki


Studies on D-3^He Fusion in LHD

Date of publication:

Mar. 1996

Key words:

D-^3He fueled fusion, LHD, D-beam, ^3He-beam, 15 MeV fusion protons


In LHD ( Large Helical Device ) studies on realization of D-D fusion burning has been carried out, where tritium burning is out of this plan. We propose experiments on D-^3He fusion in this plan. This fueled fusion has the reaction cross-section as large as D-D fusion, however the production rate of neutrons is quite low compared with other fueled fusions. This low production rate of neutrons mitigate limitations on experiments. Up to now, D-T burning with fusion output of 1 ~ 10 MW has been studied experimentally in TFTR and JET, however, fusion produced neutrons restrict physically detailed experiments in a short pulse operation. D-^3He burning experiments with about 0.1~1 MW fusion output in LHD promote the burning physics because of no limitations on experiments and may take the lead in performance of the steady and clean fusion. In this paper, we report the results of studies on D-^3He fusion plan in LHD. In the first section, the significance of this experiments and the basic data of D-^3He fueled fusion are presented. In Sec.2 and 3 the theoretical studies as well as the experimental plan in LHD are presented. In Sec.4 the development of a high energy beam source is discussed. In Sec.5 a D-^3He steady burning in LHD is studied. In Sec.6 we summarize and discuss the results of this plan. This plan is the first step of D-^3He fusion experiments and hereafter the innovative ideas may enrich this plan.

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