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Editors: K. Tachikawa, J. Yamamoto and T. Mito


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Studies on Advanced Superconductors for Fusion Device Part 2 - Metallic Superconductors other tnan Nb_3 Sn -

Date of publication:

Mar. 1997

Key words:

superconductor, Al5 type compound other than Nb_3Sn, Bl type compound, Cl5 type compound, Cheverel type compound, new AC wire, magnetic shield, radioactivity


A comprehensive report on the present status of the development of Nb_3Sn superconductors was published as the NIFS-MEM0-20 in March, 1996 ( Part l of this report series ). The second report of this study covers various progress so far achieved in the research and development on advanced metallic superconductors other than Nb_3Sn. Among different A15 crystal-type compounds, Nb_3Al has been fabricated into cables with large current-carrying capacity for fusion device referring its smaller sensitivity to mechanical strain than Nb_3Sn. Other high-field A15 superconductors, e. g. V_3Ga, Nb_3Ge and Nb_3(Al,Ge), have been also fabricated through different novel processes as promising alternatives to Nb_3Sn conductors. Meanwhile, Bl crystal-type NbN and C15 crystal-type V_2(Hf,Zr) high-field superconductors are characterized by their excellent tolerance to mechanical strain and neutron irradiation. Cheverel-type PbMo_6S_8 compound has gained much interests due to its extremely high upper critical field. In addition, this report includes the recent progress in ultra-fine filamentary NbTi wires for AC use, and that in NbTi/Cu magnetic shields necessary in the application of high magnetic field. The data on the decay of radioactivity in a variety of metals relating to fusion superconducting magnet are also attached as appendices. We hope that this report might contribute substantially as a useful reference for the planning of fusion apparatus of next generation as well as that of other future superconducting devices.

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