核融合科学研究所 安全管理センター
Safety and Environmental Research Center, National Institute for Fusion Science


放射線安全管理年報 (2004年4月1日 - 2006年3月31日)
Report on Administrative Work for Radiation Safety from April 2004 to March 2006

Date of publication:

Nov. 2006

Key words:

radiation protection, safety management, magnetic fusion plasma, LHD, X ray, radiation measurement and monitoring


The National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) constructed the Large Helical Device (LHD) which is the largest magnetic confinement plasma experimental device using a super conducting magnet coils system. The first plasma shot was carried out in March 1998 after eight years of construction. Since then high temperature plasmas and improved plasma confinement experiments have been achieved. On 1st April 2004, NIFS became one of the research institutes which constitute National Institutes of Natural Sciences. Since then the regulation system of safety, health and environmental management has been minorly changed. This is a report on administrative work for radiation safety at the LHD and the Compact Helical Device (CHS), and radiation measurement and monitoring on the site from 1st April 2004 to 31st March 2006. Major topics are as follows.(1) Establishment of a radiation safety management system based on the law of occupational safety, health and environment.Radiation dose measurement and monitoring in the radiation controlled area and on the site using a particularly developed monitoring system named Radiation Monitoring System Applicable to Fusion Experiments (RMSAFE).Establishment of an education and registration system for radiation workers, and accessing control system for the LHD controlled area. This report has been annually published from fiscal year 1999. We expect that these reports could be helpful for future radiation safety management in NIFS.

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