T. Yamamoto


Development of the Intramural Server for Disributing the Virus-definition-file.

Date of publication:

Feb. 2007

Key words:

PC security, automation, network administration, virus definition, Services for UNIX


Computer and Information Network Center has the site license of the vaccine, Symantec AntiVirusfor Corporate Edition (SAV CE), and is distributing to our staff in “National Institute for Fusion Science”for protecting the virus. It is important to use the latest virus definition file for protecting onesPC from the current virus which is born day by day.There are two methods to obtain the fresh virus definitions for SAV CE, LiveUpdate and IntelligentUpdater. LiveUpdate can minimize the traffic to send only the difference between server’s definitionand client’s one. Intelligent Updater is convenient for off-line update because it comes from a singlefile. Although the clients can directory connect to the server of Symantec Corp. to update the virusdefinitions, we prepare the in-house servers for LiveUpdate and Intelligent Updater to reduce the trafficto the Internet and stable distribution for our staff.In this report, we describe these update systems, especially how to keep automatically the newestvirus definitions on our server. This system is a part of automation of the system administration.The technique using “Services for UNIX” written in this report would be useful for various tasks,particularly the cooperation between UNIX system and Windows system.

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