H. Momota, Y. Tomita, A. Ishida, Y. Kohzaki, M. Ohnishi, S. Ohi, Y. Nakao and M. Nishikawa


D-3He Fueled FRC Reactor "Artemis-L"

Date of publication:

Sep. 1992

Key words:

neutron-lean fusion, ARTEMIS-L, D- ^3He, Reactor Design, Commercial Power Plant


A neutron-lean D- ^3He fueled FRC fusion reactor is studied on the bases of former high-efficiency ARTEMIS design. Certain improvements such as effective axial contracting plasma heating and cusp-type direct energy converters as well as an empirical scale of the energy confinement are introduced. The resultant total neutron load onto the first wall of the plasma chamber is as low as 0.1 MW/m^2, which enable the life of the first wall or the structural materials to be longer than the whole life of the reactor. The attractive characteristics of the neutron-lean reactor follow in the ARTEMIS design: it is socially acceptable in views of radioactivity and fuel resources, and the cost of electricity appears to be cheap compared with that from a light vater reactor. Critical physics and engineering issues for performing the ARTEMIS-L reactor are clarified.

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