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The International Toki Conference (ITC) is an international conference for the discussion and presentation of research activities related to nuclear fusion and plasma. It has been held annually by the National Institute for Fusion Science in Toki city since 1989.


Despite recent progress, steady state operation of fusion energy systems remains a major issue of research. The ITC-21 will focus on the integration of key science and technology towards high performance fusion energy systems with the capability for steady state operation. The conference topics cover a wide range of research in fusion science and near-term and long-term technology oriented to steady state operation.


1. Progress in fusion plasma confinement
2. Plasma-wall interactions and divertor technology
3. Materials and blankets
4. Superconducting magnets, cryogenic systems and related technologies
5. Heating and fueling
6. Plasma diagnostics and control
7. Safety, environment and tritium control
8. Modeling and simulation for fusion plasma
9. Concepts of steady state DEMO
10. Interdisciplinary issues between fusion and other fields


Ceratopia Toki  (4 Tokitsu-Takayama, Toki 509-5121, Gifu, Japan)


November 28 (Mon.) – December 1 (Thur.), 2011.


English is the working language of the conference.


Abstract submission can be made starting July 8, 2011 through the Conference web site ( Authors are requested to submit a one-page abstract by August 20, 2011. Papers should contain original and previously unpublished work on the conference topics. Abstracts should be sufficiently detailed in describing the aim of the work and the obtained results. The Program Committee will select the papers on the basis of the submitted abstracts. 

Authors will be notified on acceptance of abstracts and assignment of their papers into sessions by September 10, 2011. The accepted abstracts will be bound as a booklet and distributed to participants at the Conference. They will be posted on the Conference web site as well.


All registrations (other than abstract submission) can be made starting September 10, 2011 through the Conference web site. All attendees are requested to register by October 10, 2011.


The registration fee is 25,000 yen, and the fee for students is 15,000 yen (both including the banquet fee, which cannot be subtracted). The registration fee includes:
(1) Access to all sessions of the Scientific Program
(2) An abstract booklet
(3) Coffee break refreshments and the banquet
(4) Submission of one paper for the conference publication provided the abstract has been previously accepted
Banquet ticket for an accompanied person is 5,000 yen. The registration fee is payable at the conference site (only by cash in Japanese yen).


Information and rates for various hotels at Toki and Tajimi cities are listed here. Specific information such as a directions can be obtained by clicking the link for each hotel.
(Participants must make reservations with the hotels directly by the Internet, telephone or FAX)

*Note that the transportation between the hotels and conference site will be the responsibility of the participants.
*Note also that the LOC will be happy to assist for foreign participants. Please contact me.
A timetable of the shuttle bus between the conference site and NIFS is here.

Hotel list


The papers presented in the conference can be submitted to Plasma and Fusion Research ( that is an electronic journal published by the Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The papers go through all the peer-review process, and those accepted will be published as regular articles in the academic journal, PFR. The maximum length of the manuscript should be 8 pages for Plenary and Invited talks, and 4 pages for Contributed papers in the PFR format. Submission fee (article charge + page charge) of one paper for one registered participant is included in the registration fee. The deadline for the paper submission was extended to 9 Dec. 2011. The paper submission page will be closed after the deadline.

NOTE: Papers submitted to PFR after the deadline are not treated as the ITC-21 paper. Regular submission fee would be charged separately on those papers.

To submit your manuscript, visit the submission page of PFR for ITC-21 papers
, complete the online author submission form and upload your manuscript along with any accompanying multimedia files. When you use the system for the first time, go to “Submit a paper, Check status, Download referee's comment” and create your new account. Your e-mail address may already have been registered in the system. In this case, go to “Forgotten password” for your entry. The manuscript must start with Cover Page (Word / PDF), included in Template, in order to assign your submission to the ITC-21 Proceedings. Please select "Regular Article" for the type of paper, unless you are suggested for another type of paper by the Editor.

Template and example files
TeX / MS-Word / PDF


In case you need a visa to enter Japan, required official documents will be provided through local organizing committee (, upon request.


Excursion (at your own expense) will be planned in the afternoon on 30th November (Wed). Detailed information will be posted on the conference web-site once it is available.


Start of on-line abstract submission:   July 8, 2011
Deadline for abstract submission:   August 20, 2011
Notification of abstract acceptance: September 10, 2011
Deadline for registration:   October 10, 2011
Deadline for paper submission:     December 1, 2011 
Conference:  November 28 - December 1, 2011


A. Komori (Japan, Chair), H. Azechi (Japan), B. Blackwell (Australia), T. Hino (Japan), R. Horiuchi (Japan), S. Imagawa (Japan), T. Imai (Japan), S. Ishiguro (Japan), O. Kaneko (Japan), K. Kawahata (Japan), T. Klinger (Germany), L. M. Kovrizhnykh (Russia), G. S. Lee (Korea), J. G. Li (China), O. Mitarai (Japan), T. Mito (Japan), T. Muroga (Japan), T. Mutoh (Japan), H. Ninomiya (Japan), Y. Ogawa (Japan), Y. Ohsawa (Japan), S. Prager (U.S.A.), A. Sagara (Japan), J. Sanchez (Spain), F. Sano (Japan), M. Sasao (Japan), H. Sugama (Japan), Y. Takeiri (Japan), M. Tendler (Sweden), H. Yamada (Japan), J. W. Van Dam (U.S.A.), H. Zushi (Japan)


J. Jacquinot (France, Chair), T. Muroga (Japan, Local Secretary), M. Akiba (Japan), Y. Asakura (Japan), E. Azizov (Russia), A. Becoulet (France), A. Fukuyama (Japan), P. Garin (Japan), M. Glugla (France), T. Goto (Japan), T. Hamajima (Japan), K. Hanada (Japan), H. Hashizume (Japan), Y. Hirooka (Japan), A. Ishizawa (Japan), S. Kado (Japan), D. Kato (Japan), S. Kubo (Japan), M. Kwon (Korea), B. Lloyd (U.K.), T. Mito (Japan), M. Mori (Japan), K. Nagasaki (Japan), F. Najmabadi (U.S.A.), H. Nakanishi (Japan), M. Nishiura (Japan), T. Norimatsu (Japan), N. Ohno (Japan), S. Okamura (Japan), K. Okuno (Japan), M. Ono (U.S.A.), M. Porkolab (U.S.A.), K. Sakamoto (Japan), M. Sakamoto (Japan), R. Sakamoto (Japan), B. Sarkar (India), M. Skoric (Japan), Y. Ueda (Japan), B. Wan (China), B. Wolf (Germany)


A. Sagara (Chair), H. Zushi (Co-chair), T. Mito (Co-chair), S. Imagawa (Scientific Secretary), T. Akiyama, H. Chikaraishi, T. Goto, Y. Hishinuma, K.Ida, R. Ishizaki, A. Ishizawa, M. Isobe, A. Itoh, A. Iwamoto, D. Kato, T. Kawano, M. Kobayashi, S. Kubo, S. Masuzaki, J. Miyazawa, N. Mizuguchi, T. Muraga, H. Nakamura, T. Nagasaka, M. Nishiura, T. Obana, K. Okada, R. Sakamoto, M. Skoric, Y. Suzuki, T. Taki, H. Tamura, M. Tanaka, T. Tanaka, M. Tokitani, Y. Tomita, K. Tsumori, S. Yamada, M. Yamanaka, N. Yanagi, K. Yasui, M. Yoshinuma