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ITC21 Technical Tour

The ITC21 LOC has organized a technical tour for participants. The tour will depart from the Ceratopia Toki on Wednesday afternoon just after lunch (13:30) and will take for 4 hours and a half.

The tour by coach will begin with a visit to the historic Kokeizan Eihoji temple with a zen-style garden. Next, the tour will visit the Koubei-gama pottery. The main building houses have an ancient ceramics museum in which several thousand pieces of ancient Mino pottery are on display. Finally, the tour will arrive at NIFS. The world largest superconducting Large Helical Device (LHD) and other facilities will be introduced. After NIFS, participants will be brought to the Ceratopia Toki.

-Time schedule -
Date      November 30, 2011
Time     Destination
13:30    Cerapotia Toki
14:00     Kokeizan Eihoji temple
15:20     Kobei-gama pottery
16:30     NIFS
18:00     Ceratopia Toki

To reserve a seat of this tour, please send an email with a subject of “ITC21 Technical Tour” to  and thank you for your interest.