A.D. Ulantsev and I. Murakami


Transitions between Fine-structure Levels of FeXX Ion in Collisions with Protons in High-temperature Plasmas

Date of publication:

July 27, 2010

Key words:

tomic data, proton-impact excitaion, Fe XX, close-coupling method


Proton-impact excitation cross sections and excitation rate cofficients for transition among all the ground state fine-structure levels of Fe XX ion 1s^22s^22p^3(S_3/2, D_3/2, D_5/2, P_1/2, P_3/2) were computed. The close-coupling approximation of the impact-parametre method with the Coulomb trajectories of the relative motion of nuclei was used. All the m-components of the initial and final target states were taken into account. The interaction matrix elements between target states were calculated numerically for every step of integration with the wave function of 2P^3 electronic configuration written in the intermediate coupling scheme with the numerical semi-empirical one-electron functions (Shevelko and Vainstein 1993, it Atomic Physics for Hot Plasma) The excitation rate cofficients were calculated for the temperature range 3x10^6 - 6x10^8K and compared with the only available resuls of semiclassical approximation (first perturbative approximation of the impact parameter method) (Bhatia and Mason 1980, Astron. Astrophys. 83, 380) in the temperature range 6x10^6 - 1.5x10^7K. The calculated close coupling values of the excitation rate cofficients are found to be somewhat smaller than the semiclassical results (Bhatia and Mason 1980) in the temperature overlapping interval.
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