谷津 潔、羽鳥 尹承
(Eds.) K. Yatsu and T. Hatori


平成2,3,4年度 核融合科学研究所共同研究会 研究成果報告書 「開放磁場における電位と輸送機構」
"Potential Formation and Transport in Open Field Line Systems"

Date of publication:

Apr. 1993

Key words:

tandem mirror, electric potential, seath potential, divertor, vias voltage, radial transport, radio frequency wave


Many studies have been reported on the potential formation in tandem mirrors and in many other systems. Plasma potentials are also interested in relation to the H-mode and divertor plasma in torodal systems. The workshops "Potential Formation and Transport in Open Field Line Systems " were organized three time s as collaboration research at the National Institute for Fusion Science from 1990 to 1992. The workshops were aimed at the study of potential formation and related transport in various plasmas with emphasis on those in open magnetic field line systems. This memo is a report of research progress during the three years and new researches presented at the workshops. These workshops were supported by NIFS for the three years. We are very grateful for the support.

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