核融合科学研究所 安全衛生推進部・放射線管理室、安全管理センター
Radiation Control Safety Office/Safety Hygiene Protection Bureau,
Safety and Environmental Research Center, National Institute for Fusion Science


放射線安全管理年報 (2007年4月1日〜2008年3月31日)
Report on Administrative Work for Radiation Safety from April 2007 to March 2008

Proceedings of Symposium on Technology in Laboratories by Department of Engineering and Technical Services

Date of publication:

Sep. 2008

Key words:

radiation protection, safety management, magnetic fusion plasma


The National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) is proceeding with basic research on magnetic nuclear fusion which is expected to be a fundamental energy source for the future. Because the object of study is hot plasma, high energy particles that plasma consists of some times generate X ray. Therefore we administrate the devices with their surroundings in conformity with the Industrial Safety and Health Law to keep workplace safety. We measure the radiation dose level regularly, register the employees who are engaged in plasma experiments, and educate them. We also control treating with non-regulated small sealed sources that are used in the detectors in some cases. This report is on administrative works for radiation safety in the last fiscal year 2007. It includes (1) report on the establishment of radiation safety management system, (2) results of radiation dose measurement and monitoring in the radiation controlled area and on the site by using Radiation Monitoring System Applicable to Fusin Experiment (RMSAFE), and (3) report on the establishment of education and registration system for radiation workers. The report has been annually published. We hope that these reports would be helpful for future safety management in NIFS.

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