The Device Engineering and Applied Physics Research Division is in charge of the key technologies for large-scale superconducting systems and the radiation safety toward the realization of nuclear fusion reactors. The Division is engaged in improving the performance and reliability of the LHD superconducting system as their basic technologies. Moreover, it promotes coordinated researches with industrial institutions and applied researches for other fields by utilizing mainly the microwave applications and superconductivity engineering. Figure

As a result of the researches to improve the performance of LHD, the excitation up to the higher field was achieved by adopting the subcooling system that was newly developed. Aiming at the application to large-scale superconducting systems, we advance the development of Nb3Sn superconductors jacketed with an aluminum alloy by FSW (Friction Stir Welding) method. Moreover, we advance the measurement of low-level radiations, the separation and collection of hydrogen isotopes, the influence of electromagnetic radiations and so on, as radiation safety researches. As the microwave applications, we advance the development of a new method of steel manufacture with less damage to the environment by utilizing the microwave that can heat the iron atom and its oxide in far higher efficiency.