Open Campus 2008

You too can discover the energy of the future!

25 October 2008 (Sat.)

9:30 ∼ 16:00 (last admission 15:30)

To Everyone,

      The price of gas recently rose to higher than 180 yen per litter, and the further increase in price is still much anticipated. It is largely due to the indeterminacy of the prospect of our future energy source.
      The National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) strives to actualize the eco-friendly nuclear fusion energy, which has been the energy source of the Sun, as soon as possible and makes its utmost effort to have the nuclear fusion energy approved in the society as our energy source of the future.
      Now, as the slogan for the 2008 Open Campus, “You too can discover the energy of the future!,” signifies, we truly hope that children will find themselves attracted to this future source of energy and, thus, deepen their interest in science. Then, it will be truly wonderful if there will be some among them who grow up to be such young researchers setting their sights on nuclear fusion research.
      In the 2008 NIFS Open Campus, lots of exciting events besides the opening ceremony of the NIFS Kids Energy Science Museum are available for visitors to enjoy. How about trying the handicraft robot or various scientific experiments while witnessing the cutting-edge energy development?  
Director of the Open Campus Executive Committee