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25th International Toki Conference (ITC-25)

Creating the Future
-- Innovative Science of Plasma and Fusion --

November 3-6, 2015
Ceratopia Toki, Toki-city, Gifu, JAPAN


The International Toki Conference is a topical meeting dedicated to a specific subject related to plasma and fusion science. The series began in 1989 with the founding of the National Institute for Fusion Science and has been held on an annual basis ever since. The last 10 years have seen great advances in the plasma and fusion sciences based on progress in basic physics and technology. These developments related to plasma and fusion sciences also accelerate innovative applications of plasmas in industrial, biomedical, agricultural, and other fields. With this background, we are planning the 25th International Toki Conference to explore new aspects in creating the future through the innovative sciences of plasma and fusion.


  1. Helical Plasma Research
  2. Tokamak and ITER Related Research
  3. Innovative Applications of Plasmas
    - Industrial/Chemical/Medical and Agricultural Applications -
  4. Basic Plasma Science - Laboratory and Space Plasmas -
  5. Fusion Technology Research
  6. Theory and Simulation Research
  7. Laser Plasma Sciences
  8. Plasma Wall Interaction Research
  9. Other Fields of Sciences

Plenary Speakers

Nov. 3rd, Nathaniel J. Fisch (PPPL)

Nov. 4th, Masayuki Ono (PPPL)

Nov. 5th, Jean-Marie Noterdaeme (MP-IPP)

Nov. 6th, Heinrich P. Laqua (MP-IPP)

Invited Speakers

List of Invited Speakers


Ceratopia Toki (4 Tokitsu-Takayama, Toki 509-5121, Gifu, Japan)
Map of the Ceratopia Toki area is here.

Conference Date

November 3 (Tue.) -- November 6 (Fri.), 2015

Meeting Format

The meeting will consist of invited and contributed oral presentations, and poster sessions. The official language of the meeting is English.


List of All Presentations

Plenary/Invited/Oral presentation Files

Book of Abstracts


Abstract Submission

Individuals who intend to contribute a paper should select the topical category and submit a one-page A4 abstract through the abstract submission web site by July 31 August 7, 2015. Abstracts should be sufficiently detailed in describing the aim of the work and the obtained results. The Program Committee will select the papers on the basis of the submitted abstracts.
Abstracts should be prepared by using Microsoft Word or TeX editor. Template and sample files can be downloaded here: (PDF, Word and LaTeX). After you write a document, please create a PDF file of your abstract. The submission web site can upload only PDF files.
Authors will be notified of acceptance of abstracts and assignment of their papers into sessions by August 21, 2015. A printed book of abstracts of invited and contributed papers or another format which includes files of abstracts will be distributed to participants at the conference.
The first author is expected to present the paper at the conference.
The abstracts will be opened in the ITC-25 website. The abstract does not have to include author's e-mail address, but it can be included.

Paper Submission (Conference proceedings)

Original articles related to the conference topics are encouraged to be submitted to Plasma and Fusion Research (PFR), which is an electronic journal published by the Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research.

Only the papers reporting original and previously unpublished work will be accepted and published as gRegular articlesh.
Plenary/ Invited/ Oral speakers who present a talk reviewing previous works at the conference may be suggested by the editorial board to submit a paper in the category of gOverview articlesh.
Each submitted paper will be put through a peer-review process by the special guest editors of ITC-25, and those accepted will be published in the journal.
The first author of the paper is expected to be the same as the one on the presentation at the conference.

The length of the manuscript has no limitation. However, approximately 8 pages for Plenary/ Invited/ Oral talks, and 4 pages for Contributed papers in the PFR format are standard length.
A submission fee (Article charge: 3,000 JPY + Page charge: 5,000 JPY/page) is required for publication. The submission fee and reprint fee are NOT included in the registration fee of ITC-25.

Sample format for the manuscript with cover page is available here (Microsoft Word, LaTeX (tar.gz)). The filled cover page should be attached at the first page of your manuscript.
When submitting a manuscript, please select "Regular Article" for the type of paper, unless you are suggested for another type of paper by the Editor.

To submit your manuscript, visit the submission page of PFR for ITC-25 papers below, complete the online author submission form and upload your manuscript.

The on-line submission site (PERAS) is HERE.
Plenary/Invited/Oral speakers who want to submit a paper as "overview/review" category, please contact us by .

When you use the PERAS system for the first time, please create your new account.
Click "Submit a paper" in the left column, and then click "Create Your Account" at the bottom. If you have your own account on PFR and forget your password, go to "Forgotten password" to reset your password. The manuscript must start with a cover page, included in the template, in order to assign your submission to the ITC-25 Proceedings.

DEADLINE of paper submission is November 30, 2015, which is never extended.



The registration fee is 20,000 JPY (15,000 JPY for students). The registration fee covers:
- Access to all sessions of the scientific program
- Conference banquet
The banquet fee is charged regardless of attendance; however, a separate receipt for the registration fee excluding the banquet fee can be obtained on request. The banquet fee for an accompanying person is 5,000 JPY.
Note that the paper submission fee and reprint fee are NOT included in the registration fee.

Payment for the fees (your registration fee, additional banquet fee for your accompanying person, additional excursion fee for you and your accompanying person) are done using PayPal system.

For your registration and payment, please click this "Registration Web Site" or that at the left side of this ITC-25 top page.
Once you have completed your payment, the Registration Web Site becomes "read only". If you need to change, please contact us by .

Technical Tour (Excursion & NIFS Tour)

The LOC has organized a tour for participants to become familiar with Japan. The tour will depart from the conference site in the afternoon of Nov. 5 (Thu.) just after the morning session (12:20 pm) and will come back to the conference site before the banquet.
2,500 JPY per person is necessary for the lunch box* and tickets.
*Three rice balls in the lunch box.

The tour contents:
Inuyama castle and the temple town:
Inuyama castle, which has been conserved with original condition, is one of the famous National treasures in Japan, and you can see the temple town from the castle tower. Then you can take a walk on the temple town.

Urakuen Japanese garden:
Urakuen has a National Treasurer tearoom to enjoy the gWabi-Sabih experience, which is an aesthetic sense in Japanese art emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement, and you can drink a cup of green tea and eat a piece of Japanese sweet in the room.

NIFS technical tour:
We will introduce you to the Large Helical Device (LHD) and other facilities at NIFS.

Conference Banquet

The conference dinner will be held on Thursday Nov. 5 in the Hall on the second floor of Ceratopia Toki.

Social Program

The LOC provides an opportunity for playing tennis in the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 4 at NIFS. If you want to play tennis, please send an e-mail to the LOC
(). The detail will be announced later.


Many hotels close to the stations of JR Chuo line between JR Tokishi station and Nagoya station are available. Participants can make reservations by themselves via English websites such as Rakuten Travel and

Some hotels along the JR Chuo line are listed here.
Railroad map of the JR Chuo line is here. It takes about 50 min. from Nagoya station to Tokishi station by local trains.


The conference site 'Ceratopia Toki' is located about 0.4 km from Tokishi station on the Japan Railway (JR) Chuo-line. From Tajimi, use the JR Chuo line to Tokishi station.
Guidance to get to Tajimi station and the NIFS site is here.
The Tokishi station is next stop from the Tajimi station. It takes about 6 min. from Tajimi station to Tokishi station.
Route from the Tokishi station to the Ceratopia Toki is here.


In case you need a visa to enter Japan, necessary official documents will be provided through the LOC () after acceptance of your abstract, upon request.

Instructions for Oral Presenters

A projector with a laptop personal computer (PC) will be available for presentations. Power Point or PDF formats are available. Please upload your file before your presentation.
You may use your own PC if you wish.

Presentation time (+ discussion time):
- Plenary talks: 35 min. (+ 10 min.)
- Invited talks: 25 min. (+ 5 min.)
- Contributed talks: 15 min. (+ 5 min.)

Instructions for Poster Presenters

The poster board size is W120cm and H180cm.

Schematic view of the poster board


Important Dates

Deadline for abstract submission July 31 August 7, 2015
Notification of abstract acceptance August 21, 2015
Deadline for request of official
-documents required for visa
August 27 September 4, 2015
Deadline for registration September 18, 2015
Conference November 3-6, 2015
Deadline for paper submission November 3 30, 2015


International Advisory Committee

Y. Takeiri (Japan, Chair) H. Azechi (Japan) A. Ando (Japan)
N. Ohno (Japan) Y. Ogawa (Japan) Y. Nakashima (Japan)
K. Hanada (Japan) A. Fukuyama (Japan) T. Mizuuchi (Japan)
M. Mori (Japan) M. Wada (Japan) O. Kaneko (Japan)
T. Morisaki (Japan) M. Osakabe (Japan) R. Horiuchi (Japan)
A. Sagara (Japan) S. Imagawa (Japan) T. Mutoh (Japan)
T. Mito (Japan) T. Muroga (Japan) S. Ishiguro (Japan)
K. Nishimura (Japan) H. Sugama (Japan) S. Sakakibara (Japan)
T. Klinger (Germany) M. Zarnstroff (USA) M. Kwon (Korea)
V. Antoni (Italy)

International Program Committee

M. Ichimura (Japan, Chair) S. Kubo (Japan, Vice-Chair) T. Mutoh (Japan)
H. Laqua (Germany) V. Antoni (Italy) M. Ono (USA)
J. Noterdaeme (Germany) M. Nagatsu (Japan) Y. Sakawa (Japan)
S. Murakami (Japan) A. Hatayama (Japan) H. Idei (Japan)
M. Inomoto (Japan) Y. Nakamura (Japan) H. Sugama (Japan)
I. Murakami (Japan) Y. Suzuki (Japan) J. Miyazawa (Japan)
K. Tsumori (Japan) S. Ohdachi (Japan) T. Nagasaka (Japan)
K. Nagaoka (Japan) T. Ii (Japan)

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

T. Mutoh (Chair) K. Nagaoka (Scientific Secretary) S. Kubo
T. Shimozuma M. Osakabe Y. Nakamura
K. Tsumori S. Ohdachi K. Saito
T. Seki Y. Yoshimura H. Igami
H. Kasahara K. Ikeda H. Nakano
H. Takahashi M. Kisaki R. Seki
S. Kamio A. Ito S. Takada
T. Ii T. Kobayashi H. Noto
M. Nakata R. Makino T. Kato
S. Sugie    


Ceratopia Toki (in Japanese)
Toki City (in Japanese)
National Institute for Fusion Science
Previous International TOKI Conferences

General Contact Address

National Institute for Fusion Science
322-6 Oroshi-cho, Toki 509-5292, Japan