The 26th International Toki Conference (ITC-26) & The 11th Asia Plasma and Fusion Association Conference(APFA-11)

5-8 December, 2017, Toki

Plenary Talk
No. Name Title
PL1 M. Osakabe Initial results of LHD deuterium experiment
PL2 D. Campbell Progress and outlook of ITER
PL3 S. Morita Fusion research and international collaboration in Asian region
PL4 A. Fridman Application of atmospheric plasma for wound healing, treatment of diseases, cancer vaccination
Invited Talk
No. Name Title
I1 T. Suzuki Research activities for JT-60SA to challenge issues in the ITER and DEMO eras
I2 C. Maggi Isotope effects of confinement and transport in JET-ILW
I3 A. Yogo Laser ion acceleration with multi-picosecond pulses
I4 Haiqing Liu Recent progress of EAST experiment towards high performance steady state operation 
I5 M. Xu Overview of recent HL-2A experiments
I6 H.K. Park Korean fusion energy program and role of the KSTAR
I7 A. Matsuyama Runaway beam formation in tokamaks with resistive MHD instabilities
I8 M. Nunami Simulation studies for neoclassical and turbulent transport of impurities in LHD plasmas
I9 P.K. Sharma Recent activities on SST-1 and ADITYA-U tokamaks
I10 R. Hanayama Development of repetitive laser driven neutron source using diode pumped solid state laser
I11 A. Hasegawa Impact of neutron irradiation on tungsten materials
I12 G. McKee Turblence and flow response to applied 3D magnetic perturbations in the DIII-D tokamak
I13 M. Jakuowski Preliminary results from first divertor campaign at Wendelstein 7-X
I14 A. Alonso Demonstration od stellarator optimization: first configuration effects on W7-X
I15 N. Hayashi Growth enhancement and gene expression of plants induced by oxygen plasma irradiation
I16 O. Sakai Plasma metamaterials for arbtrary complex-amplitude wave filters
I18 Y. Nakashima Current status of divertor simulation research in the GAMMA 10/PDX tandem mirror
Oral Talk
No. Name Title
O1 N. Ashikawa Progress of plasma wall interaction issues on fusion devices in Japan, China and Korea
O2 L. Zhang Expermental approaches to control the tungsten accumulation in long-pulse H-mode discharges in the EAST tokamak
O3 J.-H. Kim R&D activities on beryllium intermetallic compounds as advanced neutron multiplier for fusion application
O4 K. Miki Simulation study on the Inward Particle Transport in Inversed-density-gradient of tokamak edge
O5 A.V. Melnikov GAM and broadband turbulence structure in the OH and ECRH plasmas on the T-10 tokamak
O6 K. Ida Interaction between resonant and non-resonant MHD: A trigger mechanism of collapse of magnetically confined plasmas
O7 T. Zhang Effect of pedestal fluctuation on ELM frequency in EAST tokamak
O8 S. Satake Benchmark of bootstrap current calculations in multi-ion species helical plasmas
O9 Y. Todo A new magnetohydrodynamic hybrid simulation model with thermal and energetic ions
O10 T. Kaneko Gas-liquid intergacial plasmas for enhancing drug introduction into living cells
O11 Haifeng Liu The physics and engineering design for the Chinese First Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator

(As of Nov. 28)
Poster Session 1 Dec.5 13:45-15:45
Poster Session 2 Dec.6 16:05-18:05