Online via Video Conferencing

In view of reducing the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak around the world, online video conference systems will be adopted all sessions. The details are provided below. We recommend that participants consider attending the conference online. In the poster sessions, participants are strongly recommended accessing at the outside conference venue in order to maintain network condition. If you plan to attend on-site, please read the guidelines of on-site participation including behavioral restrictions for COVID-19 below.

Participation via Video Conferencing 

The links for participation via the video conferencing will be provided in the password-controlled area in the ITC29 web site. Please access the online participation page ( The web link and its passcode will be appeared in the table of “Conference Participation”. The local organizing committee will plan a test poster session in October.

Oral Presentation

The oral presentation will be delivered in multiple formats, such as the on-site format and the online format. Participants will be able to attend by using the web meeting system “Zoom Webinar.” Guidelines and connection information of Zoom Webinar will be announced later. Please upload your presentation file at “My Presentation” in the online participation page ( before the presentation day. Either PowerPoint or PDF format is acceptable.
In the oral presentation at the venue, a projector with a laptop personal computer (Windows only) will be acceptable for presentation. Use of the dedicated laptop PC is strongly recommended.

Presentation time (+ discussion time):
- Plenary talks: 45 min. (+ 5 min.)
- Invited talks: 25 min. (+ 5 min.):
- Contributed talks: 15 min. (+5 min.)

Information on Zoom Webinar:

Online Poster Presentation

The online conference system "Remo" will be used for online poster presentations. In the Remo, poster can be presented by using the whiteboard tool. A file format of the poster presented to the whiteboard tool is the jpg image file. Please prepare a jpg poster with a fine resolution within 50 M bytes. The recommended poster resolution is more than 3179 x 2245 pixels or 2245 x 3179 pixels. If your poster cannot convert jpg image file, the presentation with PowerPoint or PDF formats can be conducted by sharing your screen on Remo, which resembles a small oral presentation. In the case with PowerPoint or PDF, your presentation should be summarized up to 4-8 pages. Please refer to the document of the online poster guidelines and connection information with Remo. Only the corresponding author who has registered for the conference can present his or her poster.

Download of the document for poster session using Remo

Sample screen of the poster presentation using the whiteboard tool in Remo.

Example of Making jpg File for a Poster Session

Please make a poster using the Microsoft PowerPoint with A0 size. Then, convert to jpg file format following the screen capture shown below. The windows default resolution is 96 dpi. The poster file will be created with the resolution of 3,175 x 4,460 pixels size and the file size of approximately 3 M bytes.

Example procedure for making a jpg poster presentation file using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Information on Remo: