- Real-time presentation

"Zoom" and/or "Zoom Webinar" will be used.

- Allocated time

Plenary Talks : 30min (25min talk + 5min discussion)
Invited Oral Presentations : 30min (25min talk + 5min discussion)
Contributed Oral Presentations : 15min (10min talk + 5min discussion)

- In the session you talk

Prefix the presentation number to your name. e.g. "17Dm5 NARUSHIMA"

Remote connection

- Log in via the designated website. -> Login page

Plenary presenters and chairs must log in through the URL sent by e-mail in advance to be a “panelist”. Otherwise, you will be an audience and will not be able to present.

For chairpersons and plenary speakers

- Brief manuals

For plenary sessions (Main Hall: Webinar) -> Here
For Invited / contributed talk sessions (Rooms: Zoom) -> Here