Ceratopia Toki, Toki-city, Gifu, Japan, November 5-8, 2019


We have organized a tour for conference participants to become familiar with Japan. The tour will depart from the conference site in the afternoon of November 7 (Thu.) just after the morning session (13:15 pm) and will return to the conference site before the evening banquet (First-come-first-served basis).
To join the tour, 3,000 JPY per person is necessary including the box lunch and the tickets.
The fee will be collected at the registration desk by cash. (The minimum number of participants is 5.) The application deadline is October 16, 2019, at 12:00 pm. Please note that the maximum number of participants is 23, so register soon.

If you would like to participate in the recreation, please send an e-mail to us “”.

Please write below.
Subject : Applying for tour
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3) Number of participants:
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4) Please choose your lunch from the selection below.
Any lunch meal is O.K.
Without pork.
Without beef.

The tour will visit

○Hiroshige Museum of Art, Ena.

There are about 1,400 pieces of art focusing on ukiyoe in this museum. You can try overprinting and learn about the process of making ukiyoe.

○Nakashima Sake Brewing CO., LTD.

We will go the Japanease sake brewery in Gifu Prefecture and you can buy “Jizake**”, which is a type of sake.
**Jizake is one of the Japanese sakes made from locally grown rice and water from the local area.

○NIFS technical tour

We will introduce you to the control room of the Large Helical Device (LHD) and other facilities at NIFS.

The box lunch

We will distribute the box lunch in the bus.
A sandwich and tea are included the box lunch.
Please choose your favorite one from that.
Anything is fine. /without pork/ without beef/ vegan