Ceratopia Toki, Toki-city, Gifu, Japan, November 5-8, 2019

Paper Submission(Conference Proceedings)

Original articles related to the conference topics are encouraged to be submitted to Plasma and Fusion Research (PFR), which is an open-access electronic journal published by the Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. Each submitted paper will be put through a peer-review process by the special guest editors of ITC28, and those submissions that are accepted will be published as regular articles in the journal.


1) The first author of the proceedings paper is expected to be the same as the first author on the presentation at the conference.
2) The submission fee and the reprint fee are NOT included in the registration fee.
3) Recommended number of pages are as follows:
Plenary/Invited/Oral: 8 pages
Poster: 4 pages
4) The submission page is now opened. The submission deadline is Nov. 29, 2019.
5) Publication charge is shown in the following page.
The author is requested to pay publication charge of ¥3,000 Japanese Yen per article plus ¥5,000 Japanese Yen per page. For an article that exceeds 11 journal pages, a mandatory page charge of ¥10,000 Japanese Yen will be added for each page in excess of 11 pages.

How to submit a paper

Sample format for the manuscript with cover page is available from this page. The filled cover page should be attached at the first page of your manuscript.

To submit your manuscript, visit the submission page of PFR, https://www.editorialmanager.com/pfr/Default.aspx
and create your account by click the word "Register Now", if you do not have an account of PFR. This is a different account from that made for ITC registration and abstract submission.
After that, login with your account, by pushing the button of "Author Login".
Then click the word "Submit New Manuscript".

Next, the tab of "Choose Article Type" appears.
Select "ITC28-Regular Articles", unless you are suggested for another type of paper by the Editor. Those who the Editor contacts should select the suggested type (Review or Overview).
Please proceed the submission process according to instructions.

Template files and Copyright Transfer Agreement form of the Plasma and Fusion Research

Please use the following template files for submission.

Microsoft WORD template: proceedings_sample_itc28R.docx
TeX template and style file: sample_itc28R.tex     pfr_itc28.sty
TeX compiled pdf: sample_itc28R.pdf
Transfer Agreement form: copyrightTransferAgreement.pdf