We are promoting theory and simulation researches on LHD and other toroidal fusion plasmas in order to contribute to realization of fusion energy. Progresses in theory and simulation researches enable us to comprehend physical mechanisms of high-temperature plasmas and predict favorable conditions for fusion reactors.

What's new

One of figures in a paper by Ph.D student Tomonari Nakayama appears in the front cover of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion Vol. 64, No. 7. [ "Nonlinear functional relation covering near- and far-marginal stability in ion temperature gradient driven turbulence", T. Nakayama, M. Nakata, M. Honda, M. Nunami, and S. Matsuoka, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 64, 075007 (2022). ]
Hanzheng Li (graduate student) won the Best Presentation Award at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research for the presentation "Simulation study of energetic-particle driven off-axis fishbone instabilities in tokamak plasmas".
The research team of Associate Prof. Masanori Nunami, Associate Prof. Shinsuke Satake, Assistant Prof. Seikichi Matsuoka, Associate Prof. Motoki Nakata, Mr. Keiji Fujita, and Mr. Tomonari Nakayama won the award for excellence in large-scale computational research in QST, IFERC-CSC.
Associate Professor Motoki Nakata, Associate Professor Masanori Nunami, and Assistant Professor Seikichi Matsuoka won the JT-60 Joint Research Prize for their “Study of turbulent transport and profile formations in multi-ion-species mixed plasmas” in collaborations with QST.
One of figures in a paper by Specially Appointed Researcher Malik Idouakass appears in the front cover of Physics of Plasmas Vol.
28, No. 8. [ "Precession drift reversal and rapid transport of trapped energetic particles due to an energetic particle driven instability in the Large Helical Device", M. Idouakass, Y. Todo, H. Wang, J. Wang, R.
Seki, and M. Sato, Physics of Plasmas 28, 080701 (2021). ]
Assistant professor Gakushi Kawamura won the 10th NINS Young Scientists Award.
Associate professor Motoki Nakata appeared in the newspaper Asahi Shimbun (morning, June 21, 2020) on the article "Sentanjin".