The online workshop "Science Talks" June 19, 2021, NIFS

The online workshop "Science Talks" was hosted by NIFS on June 19, 2021. Eleven audiences, which pre-selected from the public, asked their questions to three panelists. And the real-time movie was shown on YouTube.

The topics are as follows, 1) Sustainable society supporting by the fusion power plant (N. Ashikawa, NIFS), 2) Hydrogenated society and new superconducting technologies (N. Hirano, NIFS), and 3) Realization of fusion energy based on coming ITER project (T. Omae, ITER Chief Strategist).

These topics are hot issues for new future technologies and sustainable societies nowadays. And many public had interests. Mr. Omae participated from France. While it is difficult to come and go on business trips under COVID-19, M. Yokoyama (NIFS), the chair of the event, talked that it will be an opportunity to directly feel the atmosphere of ITER in France in his introduction. All participants enjoyed many photos of the construction, which is more than 72 % complete.

The online workshop