History of NIFS

November 1980
Science Council of the Ministry of Education proposes the “Long Range Plan for Fusion Plasma Research in Universities"
March 1988
The structure of the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) and the new project of the Large Helical Device (LHD) outlined
April 1988
The preparation committee and preparation office for NIFS established
May 1989
NIFS established
April 1992
The Department of Fusion Science established at the School of Mathematical and Physical Science, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
August 1995
The LHD building completed
July 1997
Headquarters of NIFS moved from Nagoya to Toki
December 1997
Completion of LHD
April 1998
The LHD experiments started
April 2004
Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, "National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS)" inaugurated
NIFS becomes one of the research institutes which constitute NINS
National University Corporation, "The Graduate University of Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI)" was established; The Department of Fusion Science established in the School of Physical Sciences, The Graduate University of Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI)
May 2004
The 15th year anniversary held
April 2010
The research section reorganized and the Department of Helical Plasma Research established
February 2014
Research Enhancement Strategy Office established
April 2016
Division of External Affairs established
March 2017
The LHD deuterium experiments started
May 2019
The 30th year anniversary held