Department of AdministrationAbout NIFS

The Department of Administration handles planning and external affairs, general affairs, accounting, research supports, and facility management work.

The major operations of this department are to support the promotion of the Institute’s regular research and the development of the collaborative research.

It consists of the following four divisions, namely, General Affairs Division, Financial Affairs Division, Research Support Division, and Facilities and Safety Management Division. Details of these Divisions are described in the following.

General Affairs Division

General Affairs Division handles administrative work and serves as the contact point with the outside. This Division consists of four sections: General Affairs Section is in charge of secretarial work for the Director-General and the Deputy Director-General, supports for the Administrative Council meetings, enacting rules and regulations; Planning and Evaluation Section is in support for assessment of the Institution’s performance including scientific achievement and management efficiency; Personnel and Payroll Section is in charge of general personnel affairs, salary, and public welfare; Communications and Public Affairs Section is for outreach and publicity activities.

Financial Affairs Division

Financial Affairs Division consists of six Sections: Financial Planning Section, Accounts and Properties Administration Section, Audit Section, Contracts Section, Procurement Section and Purchase Validation Section.

Major responsibilities of the division are: to manage and execute budget; to manage corporate property, revenue/expenditure, and traveling expenses of staff; and to purchase supply and acceptance of articles.

Facilities and Safety Management Division

The Facilities and Safety Management Division consists of three sections: Safety and Health Management Section, Facilities Planning Section and Facilities Maintenance Section.

They are in charge of planning, designing, making a contract, supervising of the construction and maintenance for all facilities at NIFS, such as buildings, campus roads, electricity, telephone, power station, air conditioning, water service, gas service, elevators and cranes.

The Facilities and Safety Management Division submits a budget bill and administers the budget for those facilities.

Safety and Health Management Section also arranges medical examination and disaster drills.

These three sections promote facilities which provide a better environment for all the staff.