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In the past, information was exchanged on paper, but now it is electronic, and information can be processed instantly. At NIFS, research activities generate a large amount of experimental and computational data. A number of results are produced by an information system that is organically connected by an information network.

Information Network Group

The Information Network Group provides a stable information network environment. Information networks can be regarded as the foundation of research activities, but they are still in their infancy and cannot be a reliable foundation simply by connecting devices. It is important to take out the functions of network devices and consider security. This includes on-premises operations such as DNS services and SSL VPN servers, as well as the use of cloud services such as Google Gmail. We also operate firewalls and quarantine authentication systems to prevent security incidents before they occur.

Information System Group

The Information Systems Group develops, operates, and maintains the various information systems that form the foundation of NIFS, as well as information systems related to outreach, evaluation, and research support. The main interface is a web browser, but the processing capability is improved by data design and programming methods, and the user interface changes the comfort of use. At the stage of developing information systems, we conduct appropriate system development by clarifying requirements through hearings with related parties to facilitate and improve the efficiency of research activities.

Cyber Security Group

For these information systems and networks, there are several possible threats to service stability. While physical damage from disasters and other causes is possible, remote attacks over the Internet are also a threat to consider. These methods of attack evolve daily, and effective defenses must change with them. The Cyber Security Group works with the Information Network Group and the Information Systems Group to create a strong security structure. This includes user education. In addition, members of the Information Security Group also serve as the NIFS-CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), and in the event of a security incident, we will investigate the cause and respond to minimize the damage.

Contact address for security incidents related to NIFS:

Planning and Evaluation Section, General Affairs Division, Department of Administration
0572-58-2222 (main)