Regarding the card key for entranceCollaborative Research

For a research visit of more than two weeks: Please ask your contact person for an application

Information below is required:

  • Affiliation
  • Address of affiliation
  • Contact information (telephone number)
  • Name
  • e-mail address
  • face photo (up to 1MB)
  • period of use of card key
  • reason why necessary
  • entry area:

    Basic (Administration Building, Research Staff Building, Library, Simulation Science Research Laboratory)

    LHD (all buildings and laboratories including the Basic area)

    Note: You may be restricted from access to some areas even if you request LHD.

The contact person will be informed that the card key has been issued. Please come to the Visitor Center with the pledge document.

For a researcher visit of less than 2 weeks:

Please come to the visitor center with your contact person. The card key will be issued at that time after you complete the necessary documents.