Research Report2023

Press Release October 13, 2023
Measuring flow with twisted light - Exploring New Possibilities in Laser Measurement –

Measuring particle flow from plasma to matter is critical regarding plasma-matter interactions. ...

EurekAlert! September 6, 2023
High-temperature superconducting large-current conductor with simple stacking : For accelerating realization and deployment of fusion reactors

In a magnetic confinement fusion reactor, a strong magnetic field generated by a superconducting magnet confines ultra-high-temperature plasmas of more than 100 million degrees Celsius. ...

Press Release August 24, 2023
α-Al2O3 Protective Layer That Sticks to Metal Surface with Functions of an Anchor and Peg (Joint Research with Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Fusion reactors, fast breeder reactors, and solar thermal power plants are being developed as power plants with low environmental impact and no resource constraints. ...

Press ReleaseEurekAlert! March 23, 2023
Simplified calculations reproduce complex plasma flows:Advances in theoretical studies on turbulence-driven heat transport in fusion plasms

Accurate and fast calculation of heat flow (heat transport) due to fluctuations and turbulence in plasmas is an important issue in elucidatingthe physical mechanisms and in predicting and controlling the performance of fusion reactors. ...

Press Release March 9, 2023
Demonstration of fusion reactions using advanced fusion fuels

The National Institute for Fusion Science and TAE Technologies research group has demonstrated the world's first fusion reaction between hydrogen and boron-11 in a magnetic confinement fusion plasma, using the Large Helical Device. ...

Press ReleaseEurekAlert! January 6, 2023
Cooling 100 million degree plasma with a hydrogen-neon mixture ice pellet: Progress in research on plasma cooling technology for the world’s largest nuclear fusion experimental reactor

At ITER – the world’s largest experimental fusion reactor, currently under construction in France through international cooperation – the abrupt termination of magnetic confinement of a high temperature plasma through a so-called “disruption” poses a major open issue. ...