Joint Conference of
The12th International Toki Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion
and The 3rd General Scientific Assembly of Asia Plasma Fusion Association

Frontiers in Plasma Confinement and Related Engineering/Plasma Science

Organized by
NIFS (National Institute for Fusion Science)

The joint conference of ITC-12 and APFA'01 was successfully completed.
We are deeply grateful to you for your contribution to ITC-12/APFA'01.

Viewgraphs of Invited Talks

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"Internal Transport Barrier Physics for Steady-State Operation in Tokamaks" by M.Wakatani
"Review of D-T Experiments Relevant to Burning Plasma Issues" by R.J.Hawryluk
"Recent Development of LHD Experiment" by O.Motojima
"High Performance Operational Limits of Tokamak and Helical Systems" by K.Yamazaki
"Fusion Technology R & D in Japan" by A.Kohyama
"Resistive Wall Mode Control on the DIII-D Device" by M.Okabayashi
"Impact of Energetic-Ion-Driven Global Modes on Toroidal Plasma Confinements" by K.Toi
"MHD Stability of 3D Plasma Confinement Systems with Finite Plasma Current" by W.A.Cooper
"Magnetized Target Fusion: Prospects for low-cost Fusion Energy" by R.E.Siemon
"Status of KSTAR Project and Fusion Research in Korea" by G.S.Lee
"Status of SST-1 Project and Fusion Research in India" by Y.C.Saxena
"Divertor Requirements and Performance in ITER " by M.Sugihara
"Physics Aspects of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor" by K.H.Finken
"A Review on Divertor Flow Asymmetry in Helical Devices and Its Possible Relation to Particle Losses" by V.V.Chechkin
"Modeling of Transport and Barrier Formation in Toroidal Plasmas" by A.Fukuyama
"Gyro-kinetic and Gyro-fluid Simulations of Micro-turbulence and Associated Flow Generation" by Y.Kishimoto
"ITER Confinement and Stability Modeling" by A.R.Polevoi
"Heat Transport Experiments in JET : Stiffness and Non-locality" by V.V.Parail
"Formation and Sustainment of Tokamak Equilibrium with a Current Hole in JT-60U" by T.Fujita
"Role of Radial Electric Field Shear at the Magnetic Island in the Transport of Plasmas" by K.Ida
"Laboratory Study of Plasma Space/Astrophysics: Magnetic Reconnection and Magneto-Rotational Instability" by H.Ji
"Research on High-beta Plasmas Based on Two-Fluid Relaxation Theory" by Y.Ogawa
"Magnetic Confinement Fusion Research in China" by W.X.Wan
"Internal Transport Barriers in the DIII-D Tokamak" by E.Doyle
"Core and Edge Transport in NSTX Plasmas with Auxiliary Heating" by E.Synakowski
"New Island Divertor on the Plasma Performance in the W7-AS Stellarator" by P.Grigull
"Study of Time Evolution of Toroidal Current in LHD" by K.Y.Watanabe
"Global Particle Balance of Long Duration Discharges on TRIAM-1M" by M.Sakamoto
"Status of the ITER Project" by T.Tsunematsu
"FIRE, Exploring the Frontiers of Burning Plasma Science" by D.Meade
"Comparison of the Fusion with Other Prospective Energy Sources" by K.Okano

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